cPanel Hosting offers a seamless way to manage every aspect of your hosting account on affordable plans. Onlive Server provides top edge security that protects all your cPanel activities. It provides regular updates and maintains further security. So, upgrade your website management with cPanel hosting by Onlive Server.

Linux Reseller Hosting with cPanel is positioned with superfast network connectivity to ensure fast delivery of customers’ applications and websites. You can do more valuable work in Control Panel with attractive web user interface and eliminate admin work.

What is cPanel?

cPanel refers to the control panel of your hosting account. It allows you to manage your website files and applications that are related to your hosting service. You can easily manage many aspects of your website including databases, files, backups, email, and SSL certificates.
It helps you manage your web hosting through a simple, attractive and non-technical dashboard. You can easily access features and configurations that would otherwise require technical knowledge.

Some Valuable Benefits of cPanel Hosting

cPanel hosting is the best way to manage your website with ease. cPanel is very beneficial for successful business and management of your website. Web hosting companies make the most use of cPanel hosting and they get a lot of benefits. They get those benefits by making them available to their web hosting users. Some of the important benefits of cPanel hosting are mentioned below:-

1. Its Simplicity – Simplicity is one of the main reasons that makes cPanel a great hosting. Its user-friendly interface provides the right platform for any work you want to do without the need for technical teams. It has a lot of click functions so server management of complex tasks is easily possible with just a few clicks. Backup, website and directory maintenance, disk space checking, and any other tasks can be done easily.

2. Its Flexibility – cPanel makes it easy to manage a website with its flexibility. No matter how complex the website is, it provides a great facility through which team members can easily manage your website. This includes a number of tasks such as maintaining an updated database, managing emails and addresses, pooling multiple websites in a single account, and monitoring site traffic, which allows you to quickly resolve and improve your website on a regular basis.

3. Fully Secured – Security is always a major question whenever one wants to buy a technical product. cPanel provides the right way to manage your website while keeping it secure without any issues. It is composed of functions that keep your data safe and prevent harmful attacks on your website.

4. cPanel Extensions and Backup – When thinking about choosing cPanel, the backup and recovery process for your data is always an important thing. cPanel hosting provides backup options to get your data back after it is lost. Therefore, it is essential for you to regularly save your updated data to enable seamless backup and recovery of important data. The control panel is combined with various backup features to make the process easier.


Hosting users are likely to choose cPanel because of the benefits mentioned above. These may seem like enough to convince the customer to use cPanel for their website. But this is not enough, it has more advantages in detail. If you want to use a secure control panel system for your servers, cPanel is the best way to go. For more information please visit our website and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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