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Know More About Thai VPS

Thai VPS from Onlive Server is a virtual private server solution that provides privacy based on physical separation. Everything starts with the server room. This is where your servers are kept completely isolated from any sort of network intrusion . Or attack that could compromise your data. Your server is kept here and housed with other servers. Though in its own space and no other servers share the same space or power supply.

Benefits of Thai VPS

Thai VPS provides the most secure and reliable hosting services in Thailand. The business VPS hosting package is specially designed to fit your business and personal needs. For example, helping you manage your servers and businesses. Such as e-commerce and online stores by hand, or fulfilling more complex tasks including VoIP and multi-line telephone services!

you can handle the whole system on your own

Our Thailand VPS hosting service is providing you with a reliable and completely controlled environment. So that you can do your own thing. You will be able to run and manage your own server, tailor-made to suit your specifications. This way, you will be able to make changes or add more resources yourself. Whenever you need to (ie. we are only responsible for the connection between you and the server).

Increase your company’s efficiency and profit via VPS hosting

Are you suffering from bad traffic, excess load, and the cost of website maintenance? Thailand VPS provides 100% dedicated servers – Linux and Windows web servers. Thailand VPS is a reliable server hosting provider for Small businesses & Corporate Solutions and e-Commerce platforms. Our data center facility delivers speed and performance at an affordable price in Thailand. We have a full range of products that are suitable for all types of users. Ranging from small e-commerce businesses to large corporate clients. Such as VPS web hosting, dedicated web hosting, Domain Reseller Hosting, Colocation Server, Managed Server, and Web Design. You can also talk with our expert sales staff via phone & live chat or email.  

Illustration of the features of Thai VPS

Welcome to Thailand Virtual Private Servers Hosting. Now you don’t need to bother about setting up a server on your own. Our hosting services are world-class and tailored. To make internet marketing/web development much easier and faster from anywhere in the world. You can start immediately without having to pay for years with advance payments that may be required in other countries. It’s cheaper because we don’t charge activation fees or service taxes as other companies do. We’ve got 99% uptime, which is great for you and your customers. We offer control panel software such as Plesk, Direct by your own, cPanel; the choice is yours.

Why is Choose VPS Hosting in Thai?

Choose VPS Hosting in Thailand as your Windows or Linux hosting solution. And we’ll provide you with a blazing fast web hosting experience. With state-of-the-art infrastructure built specifically for service providers and enterprise needs. You’ll be able to take advantage of reliable connectivity. Around-the-clock expert support, and expansive storage space on a fast Internet connection. To make things more interesting, our services are offered at some of the most affordable prices in the industry. Looking for a VPS server in Canada? Choose the Onlive Server Canada VPS solution and get unparalleled service with the latest technology. Fully-featured VPS server for your startups and small businesses. We provide private networks, high-speed Internet connections, and server administration.

Prospective Aspects of Thai VPS

VPS hosting in Thailand can help you gain maximum performance and incorporate your business into the growing economy of Asia. Our servers are located within an Internet exchange point close to Bangkok. So that bandwidth to your site can maximize. We support both Windows & Linux operating systems as well as various control panels including Plesk, cPanel, & Direct Admin.

Why do you need Thai VPS for Your business?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting in Thailand with Onlive Servers is an ideal solution for businesses. Seeking the benefits of a dedicated server without a high upfront capital investment. It provides all of the resources, storage, and storage access. Including all needed for the stable operation of web applications and services. The power of cloud computing can be up or down according to your needs. You can enjoy either full root-level access or have only administrative access to your VM. The pricing structure is designed to offer a wide range of solutions. From basic shared hosting for small sites or blogs to high-end dedicated servers for large corporate intranets. You also benefit from our ongoing system monitoring, OS/software updates, and free SSL Certificate upon signup.

Onlive Server is the best Thai VPS Provider

Hosting your website in Thailand is an ideal solution for a number of reasons. First, you get the benefits of US-style power and reliability. But it costs 50% cheaper than those found in the United States. Second, you have no limit to hosted web hosting plans that are based on space and traffic alone. You can increase flexibility in how you use your server. This allows you to host easily more than just one website. Including e-commerce sites that rely on shopping carts and privately hosted invite-only forums. And social networking sites with hundreds or even thousands of members.

Is Windows VPS Hosting right for an online business?

Buy Windows VPS is the best for beginners because it is a little costly compared to Linux VPS. Cloud VPS is so flexible and secure that full access root on your Website with great security & privacy. It is friendlier to businesses beginners.
Are you want the Best Windows VPS Hosting for your website? Then select the “Onlive Server” best option. It provides the full technical solution and resolves any technical issue quickly.


Thai VPS servers are designed to increase your online productivity by providing you with the necessary tools to keep you connected wherever you are. They provide safe, fast, and unlimited access to your favorite sites and applications via a web browser. Choose Onlive Server-based Thailand VPS Hosting at an affordable price & also the best Thailand VPS Provider also. For more information. Call us today!

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