Linux Shared Hosting

Linux Shared Hosting

Onlive Server offers to its users a great variety of Linux web hosting packages. We have very flexible plans, which are available with a lot of features, and we also provide the custom configuration option. By the way, you can upgrade at any time with just one click.

In case you’re not sure which Linux Shared Hosting plan is suitable for your website, please feel free to contact our 24/7/365 support team. They are ready to help you select the best combination of features and prices according to your requirements.

What is Linux Shared Hosting?

This is the most popular web hosting solution that offers a wide range of benefits. It is usually used for creating small business and personal websites. With the help of this web hosting service, you can easily build a professional website, even if you have little or no web design experience.

The best thing about Linux VPS hosting is that it has a great price/performance ratio. You get a lot of resources and bandwidth for an affordable price. This type of hosting is affordable for both small and large businesses.

Linux shared hosting also offers many useful tools as part of its basic packages, such as 24×7 customer support, website builder, one-click script installer, etc. The controls are very easy to use and you don’t need any special skills to use them.

How to choose a good Linux shared hosting?

Choosing a good Linux shared hosting provider is not a trivial thing. Onlive Server offers a range of affordable Linux VPS hosting packages, which are ideal for new as well as professional webmasters and developers.

The main things you should look at when choosing a web hosting provider (or any other kind of hosting) are uptime, pricing, features, and customer service. Limited disk space and bandwidth are additional factors to consider when choosing the right shared hosting package for your website.

Linux shared hosting plans offered by Onlive Server include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, free domain name registration, and many other useful features, such as cPanel control panel, Softaculous auto-installer, and much more.

How to get started with Linux Shared Hosting?

Choosing a Linux shared hosting provider can be an overwhelming process. There are many providers in the market and it is important to choose the right one. The solution offered by Onlive Server is a good one for small businesses that need a site that can scale with their business needs.

The Linux Shared Hosting from Onlive Server comes in three different packages, each having the same features. However, each package has a different set of features, so it’s important to choose the ones that best fit your business needs.

What are the best features of Linux Shared Hosting?

In case you are not an experienced user with Linux, you can always count on the customer service of your hosting company that will provide you with advice in case of problems or difficulties.

Linux Shared Hosting has a lot of advantages that should be mentioned because they differentiate it from other hosting services:

Reliability – It was proved that Linux is a highly reliable server platform for hosting services. Due to the fact that it is open-source, there are thousands of developers around the world who make sure that any bugs are eliminated as soon as possible.

– Stability – Another advantage is stability because of the number of people involved in the development process. The stability of the platform is well known among internet providers who offer different web hosting solutions based on Linux-based servers.

– Security – The security level of Linux servers is high thanks to the high level of protection and the secure environment created by this system for each website hosted on such server. There are no risks for users’ personal data or information about, Cheap WordPress Hosting


Onlive server offered me a great Linux VPS Hosting experience, one I would not have had otherwise. From the security of their network to the power of their server to their customer service and uptime, Onlive Server is a wonderful solution for small businesses looking for a simple and effective host.

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