Switzerland Dedicated Server

Onlive Server offers reliable Switzerland Dedicated server hosting packages, giving you the benefits of a dedicated server. Without any of the downsides that may come with it. Unlike many companies. We don’t charge extra for extended server maintenance. We offer a 100% uptime guarantee with our dedicated servers. Ensuring that your site won’t go down even if there’s an unexpected hardware failure or network outage on our end. The resources offered by our virtual private servers are scalable and upgradable in case. You need more RAM or disk space in the future.

Why Choose a Dedicated Server?

If you’re looking to increase site performance, a dedicated server is your best bet. Companies like ours will set up and maintain an entire physical server on which you can install virtually any software. Having access to all the processing power, memory, and storage on one machine means your website will never be slowed down—by anything. Choose our Switzerland Dedicated Server plans if you want all that power in dedicated servers. Need more resources?

The Differences Between VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server

There are quite a few factors you have to consider when choosing between dedicated server hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting. It’s not just price; there are technical specifications to take into account as well. Here we compare dedicated servers and VPS servers to help you get started on your search for an internet host. You can also read our full reviews of various dedicated server hosts if you want more information about each provider. Nowadays, all business owners want to give their customers quality service at reasonable prices, but that’s easier said than done. One option is to buy a dedicated server, which allows you to run multiple services on one machine and offers guaranteed uptime in exchange for high upfront costs.

Features Provided by Our Website Hosting Packages

Web hosting plan. We are offering unlimited bandwidth to all accounts, cPanel and Plesk, Apache and MS SQL databases, scripts allowed, and more. Cheap Dedicated server which allows you to host one website on it! With help of a dedicated server, anyone can have their own website. Buy a dedicated server that is reliable and has less downtime. Hosting services with guaranteed quality service are provided at a cheap price in the Switzerland region. Get a dedicated server plan at an exclusive price and start enjoying all benefits without any compromise!

What is the Best Between VPS Hosting & a Dedicated Server?

For new companies, which hosting solution is right for them? A dedicated server host has plenty of disk space, RAM, processing power, and bandwidth at your disposal. But it also costs significantly more than other hosting options. But despite its higher cost, in most cases. We still recommend it to people looking to start an online business from scratch. That’s because a dedicated server gives you almost total control over your website and data. You are fully responsible for all security measures necessary to keep your website safe from hackers.

Our Service Package Plans

If you choose our offered service package plans, you will get a dedicated server in Switzerland at an affordable price. You can simply choose according to your business requirements. We believe it’s very suitable for those. Who have their own online business websites and want to operate on their own hosting server instead of shared ones. This is going to save both time and money. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us right now! And we will recommend a suitable VPS package for you!

Why choose us?

Online business is becoming more and more popular; therefore, you need an online service to support your business. However, it’s difficult to choose one among many providers in the market. As we all know, every customer has different needs for dedicated servers. We offer cheap prices on any kind of hosting solution including unlimited bandwidth, memory & space. That lets you enjoy a Cheap Dedicated Server from us no matter what you want and where you want it. The performance is completely customized based on your requests.


Choosing between premium and dedicated server solutions. Depends on how much value you place on security, flexibility, scalability, performance, and support. If you’re looking for an alternative to shared web hosting in Switzerland. Be sure to choose a service that can grow with your business over time. When buying a Dedicated Server, make sure it is up-to-date according to technological standards and supports all necessary software requirements.

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