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Are you in need of a reliable speed Dedicated Server, Cloud VPS Hosting, or VPS hosting Service for your Business? If so, we can help! We have everything that is required to manage your site efficiently and achieve your goals. Our basic cloud VM hosting plans are the best for your business. Host your Personal and Business Website on our Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting Server. Get 247/365 days of Support from our USA-based Expert Servers Managers. We’ve done our best to frame the perfect Low-Cost Cloud Hosting Server for our clients and their business yearnings so that more and more can be achieved with fewer investments.

Our Cloud VPS Hosting Servers are designed with servers that reside in the cloud. By utilizing the power of advanced nodes, you can be sure to experience one of the fastest and most reliable Virtual Private Servers available on Earth. Our Cloud VPS is powered by Xeon Scalable Processors and the latest in SSD storage to deliver maximum performance and scalability. By choosing Onlive Server Cloud VPS servers, our clients are getting a 100% SLA guarantee for all their services. This comes as default for all hosting packages to ensure that the client gets the level of service they will be always expecting.

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How does Cloud VPS Hosting Work?

Cloud VPS hosting works on infrastructure that uses the resources of many physical servers to provide you with a highly-available server for your projects. It is a popular, advanced, and inexpensive hosting option. It delivers many of the same benefits of dedicated servers, including security and performance, but costs much less.

Each computer on the cloud has its own operating system, RAM, and CPU. Your web hosting application is installed on one of these. Each server in a cloud is responsible for a single process and only performs limited tasks. This leads to better security, better speed, and a reliable cloud hosting environment.

Get all the Benefits of Top-Tier Cloud VPS Hosting by Onlive Server

  • Fast, Powerful, Cloud-Powered VPS Hosting.
  • Powerful servers for every project.
  • Full root access for complete control.
  • Select the size and speed of your virtual server.
  • Get even more from your cloud VPS hosting service by adding memory, disc space, and network capability as you need it.
  • Choose your favorite Linux or Windows Server distribution or image.
  • Each Cloud Server is built on industry-leading technology.
  • It delivers 20x faster page loads than traditional spinning drives, a 24/7 security team, and an enterprise firewalls network.
  • Enterprise-grade security on our cloud platform with 99.99% uptime.
  • Access to an all-SSD environment with unlimited resources at an affordable price.
  • Cloud hosting utilizes multiple servers that work together to power your site.
Cheap VPS Hosting

Why is a Cloud Server Cheaper than VPS with the Same Resources?

Cloud VPS hosting is a type of VPS Server Hosting where the resources are split among several identical VPS, located on different physical servers. Our cloud server is cheaper than VPS with the same resources. The difference in price is charged because of the model used in delivering its resources.

Therefore, if you use 100% of their server for 5 hours and then turn it off for 5 hours, most of the cloud providers will only charge you for 5 hours instead of 10. Most dedicated hosting providers would have charged you for those 10 hours even though 95% of their CPU was not used on your behalf and 95% of the RAM was unused as well. So that’s why, in comparison to VPS, a cloud server is much cheaper. A cloud server is a virtual server data center. Our platform allows you to use each server for up to 20% of your capacity for free. You can choose a dedicated server; in which case you will use only the resources specified in your package.

Where can I Find the Best Data Backup Solutions?

You’re right, Onlive Server offers the best and most cost-effective backup solutions for your critical data. We offer the best online backup services for small and medium businesses. It is designed to back up your business data and help protect against unexpected data loss. It has the option to back up continuously throughout the day. Our cloud VPS hosting services offer a safer, faster, and more reliable Internet experience for your business.

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